Economic Empathy

2022-06-15 social economics money empathy income prices

Experience prices from the perspective of other people in different economic situations Read More

Icelandic English Similarities

2022-05-14 culture language language culture

similarities between Icelandic and English Read More

Beatles Because: Bach Not Beethoven

2021-05-26 music

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Bach Appreciation

2021-05-19 music music hacking-humans

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Art Will Save Us

2021-02-25 music music arts QAnon Covid

Covid has given us a preview of life with nothing to do, a future that people like Andrew Yang warn is on the near horizon for most of us anyway after ... Read More

Human ACK

2021-02-23 hacking-humans humanity

An important life lesson for human interactions, brought to you by the world of computer communication: in TCP communication there’s the ACK ... Read More

Piano Keys as Months

2020-09-17 music piano

Noticed something at the piano today. As a kid, I learned to map the months of the year onto my knuckles, whereby the peaks represent months with 31 ... Read More

Tech Showdown: Mad-Libs Edition

2020-09-15 tech review

String a few marketing factoids together with hackneyed tech cliches and you too can generate an SEO-friendly “X vs Y” technology post! ... Read More