Economic Empathy

2022-06-15 social economics money empathy income prices

1. Select your own annual income 2. Choose another person's perspective

Here is a list of prices {{otherincome[1]}} earning {{usd2(otherincome[0])}} per year experiences, scaled to a ${{myincome[1]}} income.

BuyingReal PriceFeels like

How this works

If you earn $30,000 annually and are considering a $1000 smart phone, then you know how expensive that phone feels: the price of that phone is 1/30th of your salary, so about two weeks of pay – a significant sum. But what would that same phone feel like for someone earning six figures? How about someone earning minimum wage?

To find out, this tool calculates what percentage of someone else’s salary that phone represents, and then applies that percentage to your own salary to show the phone as if it were priced at that same fraction of your own salary.

That way you can experience how relative prices feel from the perspective of someone in a different economic condition from your own.

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